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Serving Macon County Since 1947

Septic service

Ensure the health of your septic system

A quick and easy way to extend the length of your septic tank and system is with a simple bacteria compound. This compound breaks down matter in your tank so it lasts.

Protect your septic system by flushing bacteria starter down the toilet once a month.


This bacteria compound breaks down bio-matter in your septic tank so that it doesn't fill up as quickly, and lasts longer.

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Get a year's supply of bacteria starter

Monthly routine maintenance of your septic tank can prevent costly repairs in the long-term.


Protecting your septic tank is as easy as flushing the toilet. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call us at 217-422-5992 today.

Prevent costly repairs

Family-owned and operated business



Same-day services are available in most cases.

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