• Commercial & Residential Drain Cleaning & Septic Tank Service in Champaign Illinois

    Having sewer or septic problems? Want professional help? At Kelley’s Septic Tank and Sewer Service, we provide the people of Champaign, IL with superior drain cleaning service in a timely fashion, often providing same-day service! If it is time to clean your septic tanks, or unclog one of your drains – call your local sewer and septic specialists. We offer a 10% discount for being a veteran or senior and have free estimates. Give us a call at (217) 422-5992 today for more information.

    Emergency service available 24/7 and same-day service available in most cases!

  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning Champaign IL

    Regular, scheduled maintenance and cleaning services keep sewer and drainage systems healthy. Champaign, IL area residents have relied upon our experts to fix slow drains, remove blockages, reduce odors, and keep their property clean for years! Home drain cleaning remedies, such as chemicals or drain snakes, can impair your pipes and shorten your system's lifespan. Also, most people don’t have professional training and equipment, which means they’ll be guessing as to the exact location and severity of the clog.

    Our drain cleaning experts use a power rodding method – designed to cut through any buildup found in your drain lines. We work with Spartan Equipment and have a Jet Machine that is capable of handling any pipe up to 32” in diameter. Messy and costly sewer line breaks are never a pleasant surprise. Our expert cleaning services help prevent these emergencies from popping up, ensuring your drainage system performs with durability and efficiency. With experts on call 24/7, call us today to clean or repair your sewer or drains!

  • The best way to avoid clogs within your sewer and drain lines is to prevent common things such as these out of your drains:

  • • Coffee Grounds
    • Food Waste
    • Facial Tissues

  • • Wet Wipes
    • Rice
    • Tampons

  • • Grease
    • Hair
    • Paper Towels

  • • Seeds & Pits
    • Fat
    • More…

  • Video Inspection Champaign IL

    Remote video inspections have allowed us to increase our productivity in the most efficient manner possible. We are able to point out clogs within your drain lines at a much faster rate – saving you money AND time!

    We service residential, commercial or municipal properties. Give us a call today for more information, and possible same-day service.

  • Septic Pumping & Cleaning Champaign IL

    For areas dealing with limited access to municipal sewage systems, septic tanks offer several financial and ecological benefits. These come with a unique set of responsibilities and challenges as well. If you notice unusually green grass in certain areas of your lawn or are experiencing slow drains and pooling water – it could be time to pump your septic tank. Trust us, you would rather play it safe than sorry when dealing with overfilling of a septic tank – it gets worse. We recommend that you have your septic tank pumped and cleaned at least every three years. If you are experiencing smelly smells, then give us a call to schedule your septic tank cleaning!

    Grease Trap Cleaning Champaign IL

    Don’t play with fire. We learn that young. Grease traps in the kitchen are the same. Keep them maintained and cleaned, or else. Regular grease trap cleaning helps prevent expensive backups. Maintenance is always preferable to repair! On top of protecting your drains and sewers, cleanings can help avoid leakages that harm the local environment. We provide quality grease trap cleaning services to help your business stay within health code and safety regulations! 

  • Excavation Champaign IL

    Whether you need us to lay concrete for your driveway or walkway or cut and fill high and low spots on your property – we are the specialists for the job. We understand of protecting the integrity of your property – and more importantly how detrimental bad excavating can be – we are here to solve any and all needs with more than 60 years of excavating experience.
    Call us today for a free estimate.