• Septic Tank Cleaning Decatur Illinois

    It is common in homes within the United States to rely on septic tanks for their waste management. It is also common that these septic systems are prone to failures due to being worn out, environmental reasons, and more. That is why is it crucial to conduct proper maintenance protocols on your septic systems – part of that is septic pumping.

    Even though the job of a septic pump is to break down and dispose of waste – your tank will fill up, and when this happens you need to call us for your septic pumping needs! Typically, we recommend getting it pumped every three to five years, however, that depends on the usage of each system. Some common signs of when it is time to give us a call for septic pumping are:

  • • Large bodies of water in your lawn, that lingers even on dry days
    • Slow drains are signs of clogging within your septic system
    • Strong sewage odors in your yards

  • • Water backups within your drains in the home
    • Time

  • Septic Repairs

    Common Septic System Problems

    Tank Overflow – It is expensive and messy, and also one of the dirtiest problems that are common with septic systems. It could be because of an increase in usage or a problem within your system, nonetheless, contact us for premier service from experienced professionals who take pride in their craft – no matter the mess.
    Cracked Tank – Even though septic tanks are well-built, due to environmental factors (shifts in the ground), tree roots and more they can crack, causing potential leaks and health hazards. We’ll provide the proper repairs for your septic tank ensure it works as good as new!
    Bacteria – What is also pretty common is the bacteria at the bottom of your septic tank may die, causing sludge and waste to build up.
    Tree Roots – Tree roots can be invasive to your septic systems and can lead to a diverse range of problems including damage to the tank itself, pipes and the drain field.

  • When dealing with the mess of septic systems, Kelley's Septic Tank and Sewer Service adheres to proper procedures to ensure the safest and most effective repairs are conducted. We take great pride in being able to pump and repair your septic tanks. We understand that a backed-up septic system can wreak havoc on your day.

    If you want to make sure things flow smoothly with your waste management system, call Kelley’s today (217) 422-5992 for free estimates and 24-hour service!